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Stay tuned to the Instagram feed of your friends, colleagues, and loved ones by staying anonymous. IG Story Viewer provides a free Instagram Story Viewer to view stories, posts, tags, comments, and much more. You can download photos and videos from any Instagram public profile without getting login to Instagram

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Benefits of using IG Story Viewer

One of the major benefits is you can explore any Instagram profile by being anonymous. Your identity is completely hidden and the creators never know how you view their stories.

Another reason to use IGSV is that you don’t have to log in to Instagram to watch or download Instagram stories, tags, and posts. Add a profile name and view Instagram profiles without any problem.

Story Viewer with No SignUp or Registration

IGSV service is totally free and can be used by anyone. There is no need to sign up with us or any third party software to access our tool. It is user friendly and can be used on a simple web browser on any device.

no sign up required

Anonymous Story Viewer

With IGSV your identity is invisible. Whatever profiles you will explore or download the photos and videos, the creator will never get these notifications. IGSV is a completely safe and easy to use tool for influencers and other digital marketers for research.

Instagram Stories DownloaderIGSV

With IGSV you can also download content directly to your device. Does not matter if you’re using a mobile, tab, or desktop, you can easily download photos and videos in high resolution with just a bunch of clicks. Now never lose something important again.

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FAQs about IGSV

Which type of content can be downloaded from the InstaStory Viewer?

Users have access to tags, stories, and posts of any Instagram profile that is public. Users can download photos and videos in their default format with one click from Insta Story Downloader. Make sure the profile you are using is in public mode otherwise, IGStoryViewer would not be able to fetch stories.

Do I need a different account to view Instagram Stories?

IGSV doesn’t require any kind of information when it comes to viewing Instagram Stories. All you need to do is add the username of the account you want, watch the stories, and hit the search button and that’s it! You will be able to view and download Instagram stories by tapping on the download button. The only requirement is to make sure the profile you want to view is in public mode and not private. Experience the responsive interface and watch Stories without any limits anytime on any device.

Can I use your service on mobile or computer?

Insta Story Viewer is a web-based application that provides a seamless experience to view Instagram stories on a simple web browser. You can browse it on any device because all of the smart devices support simple internet browsers. Just put the IGSV website on any browser on any device and start using our service without any trouble.

Do profile owners know if I download stories?

No! Profile authors will never know about these activities. You can view and download IgStories from any profile as long as they are public. Your identity is hidden and you can download the stories on a secure channel to your device.

What is the pricing of using the IgStory Viewer?

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer is free to use for content creators, influencers, bloggers or any person who wants to download content from social media for information purposes. We don’t charge anything for the service. If you want to use the content for a commercial basis make sure to get consent from the Instagram profile author.

Can I reuse downloaded stories after downloading them?

The Instagram Stories is owned by the profile owners. If you want to use their stories for yourself, always get permission from the original authors, and if they allow you, you can use it.

In which format IGSV provide the stories?

From Instagram Viewer you can download content to its original resolution and format. These are of the same size as it provides on Instagram. Although you can enhance the quality from different third party tools.